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Commercial vehicles are a key part of so many businesses. When a break in happens, it’s not just the stress and cost of replacing all of the stolen contents or in serious cases the whole vehicle. There’s the days and weeks that follow, having to let customers down, arranging replacement vehicles as well as tools which have often been acquired over years in the trade and are worth thousands of pounds.

It can be months before you are back to business as usual.

We provide multiple different van locks and security products, aimed at reducing the chances of having your tools, equipment or vehicle stolen. We can reinforce your vehicle with additional locks, loom guards, shielding plates and may other vehicle security products. Helping to protect your vehicle and make it less of a vulnerable target.

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The average number of commercial vehicles stolen in the UK daily.


Annual cost of lost tools and equipment due to vehicle break ins.


How many seconds it can take someone to gain access to your vehicle.


Van owners will be the victim of theft from a vehicle this year. 

Additional Vehicle Locks

Adding additional van locks is one of the quickest and most effective ways to secure a load area. Additional locks add an easy to see visual deterrent to thieves and opportunists. Preventing them from seeing your vehicle as an easy target.

Van locks - Hook lock

LOCKS 4 VANS Hook Locks

Hook Locks are a mechanical deadlock operating separately from the manufacturers’ locking system. A hook bolt engages from the door into its opposing body section. Operated manually by an independent, high-security key.

Suitable for owner-drivers or times where the driver can be relied upon to operate the lock manually each time they close the vehicle. 

LOCKS 4 VANS Dead Locks

Designed for securing the cab area of the vehicle. Similar to the Hook Lock however, this lock engages a straight bolt from the door into its opposing body section. Operated by its own high-security external key under full control of the driver.

Suitable for owner-drivers or applications where the driver can be relied upon to operate the lock manually each time they close the vehicle. 

The deadlock is recommended for use on the vehicles cab doors


LOCKS 4 VANS Slam Locks

The Slamlock guards against the driver forgetting to lock the vehicle doors in exit. Once the door is shut it engages automatically and can only be opened using the Slamlock key, reducing the chances of theft while away from the vehicle. 

Designed for couriers, multi-drop delivery drivers and any operations where a driver may be regularly in and out of a loading area. 

Locks 4 VANS Ford Replacement Locks

High-security replacement barrel and bezel specifically for Ford vehicles. Designed to reduce the common vulnerability on Ford vehicles making the locks easy to force or pick. 

Van Locks - Rep lock

Surface Mount Van Locks

Surface mounted locks are fixed to the outside of the doors on the vehicle, bracing them together while providing a visual deterrent. When fitted high on the door it helps to reduce the risk of the door being bent down in “peel and steal attacks”. 

Surface mounted locks are a bold visual deterrent to anybody scouting for vehicles they think may make an easy target. 


Van locks - Ultimate lock

L4V Ultimate Lock

  • Sold Secure Gold Standard approved lock
  • Available in Deadlock or Slamlock version
  • Robust, durable & low maintenance
  • High security, anti-drill, and anti-pick body
  • Attack tested
Van locks - Statement lock

L4V Statement Lock

  • High security, lightweight and robust
  • Deadlock version only
  • Small footprint allows it to be installed in several positions
  • Designed and manufactured to automotive standards
Van locks - Armour lock

L4V Armour Lock

  • Available for the side load door(s) and rear barn doors only
  • Small footprint allows it to be installed in several positions
  • Sturdy and secure deadbolt lock 

Sheilding & Guarding

Shielding, guarding and anti-peel solutions help provide protection to a vehicles vulnerable areas commonly targeted by thieves puncturing the bodywork. 

Our range of universal and vehicle specific products cover both internal and external protection. Preventing access to the internal locking mechanisms, wiring looms and door latches.  

Van security - Anti peel

Anti-Peel Kit

Reduces the risk of success from ‘peel and steal’ attacks. Designed to reduce door peeling, this solution is fitted to the front edge of the vehicle’s side load door


Van security - Loom guard

Loom Guards

Protection for vulnerable areas from being cut or punctured to gain access to the wiring loom and disable the vehicle central locking. Repairing the wiring loom after a break in can be expensive and inconvenient. 

Handle Sheilds

Protects vulnerable areas around the handle from being spiked or removed to gain access to the mechanisms that open the door. Handle Shields are vehicle / door-specific.

Internal Latch Sheild

Protects vulnerable areas of the door skin being punctured to access the internal mechanisms. Internal Latch Shields are door-specific, providing internal protection to reduce the risk of this method of attack. These can be combined with external shields for extra protection. 

External Shields & Repair plates

Reduces the risk of bodywork punctures that give access to internal lock mechanisms and door latches. Both universal and vehicle and specific products are available. External shields can also be used to cover damage and re-secure the vehicle from a previous break in.

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