SYNC Vehicle Systems is thrilled to introduce the much-awaited L4V Van Alarm System, a product of Locks4Vans. This Thatcham certified van alarm system is uniquely designed for the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) market, setting a new standard in van security.

Engineered to combat the latest methods of criminal attacks, this revolutionary van alarm system stands as the quintessential security package. It comes with cutting-edge anti-sabotage features, making it an unparalleled and robust security solution for all popular LCVs on today’s roads.

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Key Features of the L4V Van Alarm System for Enhanced Van Security

Anti-Sabotage: The L4V Van Alarm System sets itself apart with its innovative anti-sabotage shielding that effectively protects the alarm components from being disabled during an attempted breach. Coupled with its unique, wireless, anti-peel door sensor – a Locks 4 Vans exclusive – this system delivers unrivalled protection against common attack methods.

Fully Customisable Van Alarm System: Choose from a range of innovative accessories to create a custom security solution that fits your specific needs. This includes a wireless Anti-Peel door sensor, movement sensors, PIR movement sensors for the load area, and a load area siren (with an anti-sabotage bracket).

Wireless Capability: The L4V Van Alarm System boasts industry-leading wireless capabilities, allowing for maximum flexibility during installation and compatibility with existing van racking solutions. Its extensive range even includes towed trailers within the van system, ensuring all your equipment is secured.

Thatcham Certified: The L4V Van Alarm System is Thatcham certified, which could potentially reduce insurance premiums by up to 15% depending on your insurer.

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“Remember, security is not an expense, it’s an investment. Invest in the L4V Van Alarm System – because your peace of mind is priceless.”

L4V Van Alarm System: Securing Your Livelihood

    At SYNC Vehicle Systems we recognise the critical importance of van security. Our L4V Van Alarm system is our answer to the recent surge in tool theft and related criminal activities plaguing the UK.

    Tool theft from vehicles has seen a staggering 54% increase in the UK in the last two years, with a van being targeted every 23 minutes. The average claim for tool theft last year was £2,685, but the actual cost can be far more devastating when considering downtime, lost revenue, and damage to business reputation.

    The L4V Van Alarm system acts as a robust deterrent to potential thieves. By making your van a less attractive target and producing audible alerts both inside and outside the vehicle before unauthorized access is gained, our van alarm system is an essential investment for your peace of mind and business continuity.

    Don’t become a statistic in the alarming rise of van tool theft.

    Take proactive steps to secure your livelihood today. The L4V Van Alarm System offers enhanced protection, reducing the risk of theft and the catastrophic impact it can have on your business. Trust in our Thatcham certified security solution and rest easy knowing that your vehicle, tools, and livelihood are well protected.

    Choose the L4V Van Alarm System for ultimate peace of mind. Contact us today at SYNC Vehicle Systems to learn more about how the L4V Van Alarm System can help safeguard your tools, your van, and your business.

    Remember, security is not an expense, it’s an investment. Invest in the L4V Van Alarm System – because your peace of mind is priceless. Contact us now!