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Vehicle electrical accessories installed without compramising vehicles OEM Wiring

Quick installation for minimizing valuable vehicle downtime.

Smartphone live view camera monitoring, cloud based telematics, RFID driver tags 

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Vehicle Electrical Accessories

Enhance your commercial vehicles safety and useability with our range of commercial vehicle electrical accessories. Our range of professionally installed products is designed to keep your vehicles, operators and members of the public safe at all times. 

  • Reversing cameras, alarms and sensors
  • On board hot water and space heating products 
  • Vehicle and driver tracking / telematics 
  • Dash and vehicle cameras including DVS and FORS compliant systems 

Common Vehicle Electrical Accessories

Front and Rear Dash Cams

Full HD front and optional rear facing dash cam kits. There are multiple different options available including Wifi sync to smartphones, parking collision detection, built in touch screen and remote monitoring. 


Parking Sensors

Front and rear ultrasonic parking sensors for virtually all commercial vehicles. Available with dashboard visual display and trailer cut off function. 

Standard black and body colour coded options 

Reverse Alarms  

Essential for keeping pedestrians safe while vehicles are maneuvering. Reverse alarms are available with either a traditional beeping sound or as a white noise alarm. 

Optional night silent cut-off mode for out of hours drivers. 

Reverse Camera 

Extra help with reversing commercial vehicles in tight environments allowing for safe and easy reversing. Various options including OEM brake light replacement, plate mount and wedge style cameras. Integration into many OEM screens is possible.

Driver Cameras

Front, rear, side, 360 degree and internal load monitoring cameras and recording kits allow for safe driving and maneuvering of commercial vehicles in urban environments.

DVS and FORS Certified kits for london driving.

Trackers and Telematics  

Keep an eye on your vehicles out on the road, telematics solutions for tracking vehicle location, driver behaviour and vehicle details including; fuel level, MPG, speeding events, braking patterns night driving alerts and collision notification. 

Cloud hosted, on demand portal with data rich reports and fleet management tools 

Hot Water Hand Wash  

Hot and cold water on tap at any location. Perfect for remote workers and mobile service engineers, the mobile hand wash unit will help you to meet occupational health and safety requirements and is ideal for anyone working with hazardous substances, or unhygienic conditions.

Available as either Hot and cold double tap units or single tap hot only depending on requirements. 

Diesel Heaters

Diesel heaters will keep the inside of your vehicle a comfortable temperature even in the coldest months. Load area heaters are also ideal for preventing freezing of water tanks and cleaning systems over winter months. 

Various different controllers available including basic thermostats, programmable timers and even smartphone control modules. 

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